Case Study – A printing success: graphic design to print production

By Zeinab Ahmed, R&D Tax Consultant

Our client, a leading supplier of graphic materials and equipment, has reclaimed almost £10,000 from HMRC as a result of a successful claim for research & development (R&D) tax relief. 

R&D Qualifying Activity

A technical consultation was carried out by R&D Tax Consultant, Zeinab Ahmed, to evaluate the qualifying R&D activity and as a result of this, one project was identified.  

In line with the Company’s ambition of showcasing novel technology to its customers, the Company spent considerable time and effort in developing a novel print process. Whilst investigating this print process, a client tasked them with the provision of various types of wristbands for public events. Whilst printing on wristbands is nothing new, our client sought to improve the printing on a novel type of wristband, made using a substrate known as Tyvek. Work was carried out to investigate and analyse the possible alternative raster image processors and to develop new compatibilities within certain printers. The outcome of this was successful and led to our client being able to develop a novel print process.


Our client’s claim for R&D tax relief was small but successful and they managed to reclaim almost £10,000 from HMRC by way of overpaid corporation tax. 

A printing success for the graphic design industry!

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