Case Study – Increased Yields and Substantial Savings for a Cheese Supplier

By Zeinab Ahmed, R&D Tax Consultant

Our client, a leading cheese supplier in the UK, has reclaimed almost £400,000 from HMRC as a result of a successful claim for research & development (R&D) tax relief. They are a highly progressive company with an innovative approach to many aspects of their day to day business.

R&D Qualifying Activity
A technical consultation was carried out by R&D Tax Consultant, Zeinab Ahmed, to evaluate the qualifying R&D activity and as a result, four projects were identified. 

In line with the Company’s ambition of expanding its additive cheese range, the Company spent a significant amount of time and effort in developing a unique additive cheese. Whilst additive cheese is nothing new, our client sought to advance and improve the critical process parameters involved in manufacturing additive cheese such as the optimum crumb size distribution and compaction. Work was carried out to develop a set of optimum standards that would allow for the incorporation of additives into a range of cheese, not just cheddar. The outcome was successful and led to our client being able to increase their range of additive cheese and also supply a set of standards to the cheese manufacturing industry.

Our client has also carried out research and development activity to seek to improve internal manufacturing processes. Work was undertaken to modify a pre-pack machine to improve the finish of processed cheese. The outcome of this project was successful and resulted in a higher quality finished product for our client`s customers to enjoy. 

Our client also spent time and effort in developing an energy efficient process for the defrosting of refrigeration units. Research and development activity was undertaken to design a system that reduced energy consumption with an associated cost saving.

Our client`s final project involved the redesign of their cheese extrusion process. Again, to reduce time spent and to ensure a smoother finish on the final product, our client undertook research and development activity to attempt to reduce excess deposits of cheese within their extrusion process. Our client faced numerous challenges but was ultimately successful in its attempt to design a more efficient extrusion process.  


Our client’s claim for R&D tax relief was successful and they managed to reclaim almost £400,000 from HMRC by way of overpaid corporation tax. 

All I can say is praise cheeses for the R&D tax relief scheme! 

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